SLO nursing home patient ‘engulfed in flames’ after he was left to smoke, lawsuit says father of a 55-year-old mentally impaired man living at a nursing home in San Luis Obispo alleges that staff there negligently gave the partially paralyzed and wheelchair-bound man a cigarette and lighter shortly before he was found in a patio area …

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‘Eaten Alive’ | Woman known for beauty suffers horrific death at nursing home records show Zeni suffered from dementia.

Mike Prieto and Stephen Chance are attorneys representing Zeni’s family in a lawsuit against Pruitt Health, which operates Shepherd Hills Nursing Home., where Zeni died.

“I don’t understand how you can …

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Judge backs nursing home on death records lawsuit said the Department of Health responded to the public-records request by requiring the nursing home to request each death certificate by the name of the person who had died and to use a department form.

Attorneys for the nursing home alleged …

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Overview of Medical Negligence and Lawsuit Malpractice is a legal expression associated with lawsuits irreparable harm to a patient due to different conditions like misdiagnosis, mistreatment, or various kinds of negligence created by healthcare professionals, such as physicians.

Clients should be aware that not all mistakes in medical investigation and therapy are always malpractice since there are particular dangers and margins for error that arise inherently in the practice of medicine.

Based on JAMA – Journal of the American Medical Association, Medical Legislation is now the third top cause of death in the USA, after deaths from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The main allegation is a misdiagnosis, either postponed identification or mismanagement of diagnostic evaluations.

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Family sues man over estate documents 100-year-old nursing home resident and her son are suing Scott Barter of Kenosha, alleging he forged documents and put the centenarian at risk of losing critical Medicaid benefits.

The civil suit was filed last month in Kenosha County Circuit Court by Harriett Caudill, her son, David J. Ashe, and grandson, Michael Ashe, all of Kenosha.

Barter, the owner of Barter Financial Services Inc. and president of Kenoshans for Open/Honest Government, a political action committee, is alleged to have forged Caudill’s name — misspelled — three times on a quit claim deed conveying her interest in a life estate she held for her former residence, a home in the 5300 block of 46th Avenue.

The complaint said Barter “knowingly and intentionally executed the signature in a manner that was inconsistent with his ordinary handwriting and would instead give the appearance of having been written by a frail and elderly person.”

Notarized the purported signature on April 19, 2017, by affixing his seal as a notary public for the state of Wisconsin, which serves as a formal declaration and acknowledgement that Caudill was present before him and executed the deed, which he “personally knew to be false.

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Overmedication: The Silent Killer Of the Elderly

Over-medicating the elderly in America is a common problem.

As nurses, we have seen the elderly with a long medication list, and sometimes they cannot tell you what some of the medications are for.

Not only are the elderly often over-medicated, medications can be used as chemical restraints in the older population, especially those who do not have an advocate to look after them.

The healthcare system in America has developed into one with the ability to prolong quality of life.

When it comes to the older population who often take multiple medications due to chronic issues, they can end up with duplicate medications for the same issue.

Frequently seniors don’t ask questions of their caregivers.

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