How Profiteers Lure Women Into Unneeded Surgery

Jerri Plummer was at home in Arkansas, watching television with her three children, when a stranger called to warn that her life was in danger.

The caller identified herself only as Yolanda.

She told Ms. Plummer that the vaginal mesh implant supporting her pelvic wall would fail, but as luck would have it, Yolanda offered a life-saving solution.

Original NY Times report

Growing trend coaxes women into often unneeded surgery in suits versus medical device makers Arkansas woman who contends she scared into surgery to remove vaginal mesh to bolster her position in litigation has filed a lawsuit against her former law firm and the litigation funding company that financed the operation.

Allegations in the suit by …

Original story

Jury awards Griffith woman $3 million, ruling Munster cardiologist recommended unnecessary heart surgery
A Lake County Superior Court jury awarded a Griffith woman $3 million Wednesday after ruling that a Munster cardiologist


4 Replies to “Profiteers Luring Women Into Unnecessary Surgeries”

    1. You’re exactly right. These kinds of marketing tactics SHOULD be illegal.

      Fortunately they’re starting to come to light now and the courts are becoming aware of it. And with so many billions of dollars at stake with these enormous pharmaceutical multi-district litigation cases, maybe it will be enough for some new laws to be passed that make this sort of illicit nonsense illegal.

      We can hope anyway.

  1. I have received 3 marketing calls like this over the last few years. I have had 2 different procedures with 2 different brands of mesh and I have not had any problems with either of them and yet I got telephone solicitations for both of them telling me that my life was in danger.

    The scary thing is that these telemarketers had access to my confidential personal and medical information. And each time when I insisted they tell me where they got it, they hung up.

    1. Now that this is starting to come to light, I think we’re going to start seeing some of these marketing firms, and the lawyers and law firms who are feeding them the confidential patient information, on the receiving end of some pretty serious and costly HIPPA violation lawsuits.

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