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What Are Lawsuit Loans?

Technically speaking, a lawsuit loan isn’t really a loan in the conventional sense at all.

For ease, many people refer to them as “lawsuit loans” and “settlement loans”. But the truth is that what we actually provide is non-credit-based, non-recourse, repayment-contingent financial assistance which is secured by the anticipated future proceeds of a pending legal claim or lawsuit. When you say it like that, you can see why most people just trim that down to “lawsuit loan”. (LLHQ) is one of America’s leading providers of non-recourse pre settlement funding since 2003. The lawsuit funding we provide is available in amounts from $500 up to $500,000 or more, depending on the case and how much you need. With your attorney’s cooperation, funding can occur in as quickly as 12 hours, although most cases are funded within 24-48 hours. Settlement loans require no credit check, no employment or income history and no up-front fees. And the best part about settlement funding is that you only repay the money if you win your case.

If you’ve been seriously hurt, are currently engaged in a protracted legal fight, have retained a contingent-fee attorney, have strong liability versus an adequately guaranteed accused and you’re in a financial bind due to the fact that it’s taking forever to settle your case however you might actually utilize a few of your future settlement money now, we can assist you.

LawsuitLoanHQ, The Settlement Funding Company, provides quick, inexpensive, non-recourse suit cash loan from $500 to $500,000+ on hundreds of various kinds of injury, civil rights and work insurance claims, often in just 12-24 hours, without any credit check, no up-front fees and no troubles. Most importantly, you just repay the cash loan if you win your case.

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Settlement Loans: How Do They Work?

When the case is settled effectively, legal financing utilizes a pending lawsuit’s possible settlement continues as security and is paid back just. They are 100% safe since if you lose or the case doesn’t settle, you keep the cash and owe absolutely nothing.

Settlement loans do not require good credit, co-signers or the type of property collateral that is required by banks and other loan provider. Rather, lawsuit financing business will merely position a lien (like the lien your attorney utilized to secure their costs, and our lien is secondary to theirs) on the pending case’s future possible settlement earnings. This can be a reality saver since individual injury lawsuits generally takes months or perhaps years to lastly compensate victims for injuries and damages.

Throughout prolonged legal proceedings, numerous complainants discover themselves unable to produce earnings due to their injuries. As a result, lots of can not pay their costs or perhaps cover day-to-day living expenses. Pre settlement funding was produced to resolve this very problem by advancing cash to plaintiffs so that they and their attorneys can continue working towards a settlement, without having to stress over current monetary problems.

Lawsuit Funding: Debunking The Myths

Myth # 1: Pre Settlement Funding is a Loan

NOT TRUE. A suit advance is NOT a loan. Lots of individuals have the tendency to confuse legal financing with conventional bank loans. At a quick glance, pre settlement funding may appear just like an unsecured loan. In reality, suit settlement funding is extremely other from conventional loans. The most significant difference is that standard loans should always be payed back. They likewise will generally need a monthly payment. Settlement advances, on the other hand, do not require monthly payments and are ONLY repaid if you settle your case effectively. You keep the cash and owe absolutely nothing if you lose the case.

Myth # 2: Legal Loans Rely on Your Personal Credit Score

Approval of a lawsuit loan is identified by the benefits of your suit such as your level of injury and strong liability against a sufficiently insured accused. Rest guaranteed that if your credit score is less than stellar, LLHQ has you covered.

How Settlement Loans Differ From Bank Loans

Lawsuit settlement advances integrate some unique and powerful functions and advantages that regular bank loans, individual loans, house equity loans and charge card cash loan are merely unable to take on.

6 Important Facts About Legal Funding:

1). Bank loans are credit-based
Suit funding approval is based on the strength and merits of your case

2). Bank loans typically charge up-front charges, points and closing expenses
We charge no out-of-pocket expenses or up-front fees

3). Bank loans need earnings verification AND evidence of work history
We require neither

4). Bank loans require regular monthly payments
Legal funding does not

5). Bank loans require security, normally realty, that is taken if you can’t pay
We use the future value of your possible suit settlement proceeds as collateral so your house, realty and other personal effects is untouched and safe

6). Bank loans need to be paid back no matter what
We just get paid back if your case settles successfully

Pre settlement financing is an exceptional monetary tool for people who have exhausted all other options. Consider it as “funding of last resort”. We maintain relationships with a large range of institutional and private lawsuit funding business throughout the country.

Each provider has their own specific choices with regard to the types of cases that they prefer to invest in. Intimate knowledge of those preferences, integrated with our high volume, is why LawsuitLoanHQ can provide the most competitively priced cash loan loans in business.

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Obtain Pre Settlement Funding Now

LLHQ has streamlined the pre settlement funding procedure so that it is fast, easy and problem-free. That suggests we can put the cash you may need into your hands much faster and cheaper than the other guys.

It will only take about a minute or more to submit an application and get the ball rolling. It’s quickly, easy, totally free to apply, there is no obligation and pre settlement loans are always 100% risk-free for complainants.

You can complete an application online or simply call us toll-free at 1-877-932-2628 and among our lawsuits funding professionals will take your info right over the phone.

As quickly as we get your suit financing application, we will request the paperwork we may need to assess your case directly from your attorney’s office. And once we get it, depending upon your case, we can have your financing approval in as quickly as 1 hour, although some cases might take up to 24 to 48 hours. After you’re authorized, we can send your cash loan the exact same day through wire transfer directly into your checking account or we can FedEx you a check overnight; your choice.

Either way, suit loans simply does not get any much faster, simpler or more hassle-free than they are with LawsuitLoanHQ.

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