Pre Settlement Loans on Personal Injury Lawsuits

If you have been seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness, have already retained an attorney and are struggling financially, a personal injury loan could help you get caught up on your bills and regain control of your finances.

Lawsuit Loan HQ offers non-recourse personal injury loans to plaintiffs nationwide against a wide variety of personal injury accident claims. Here are just a few of the types of cases we can consider for funding:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Bladder Mesh | Bladder Sling
  • Boating Accidents
  • Burn Injuries
  • Bus Accidents
  • Catastrophic Injuries
  • Catholic Archdiocese Sexual Abuse
  • Commercial Property Liability
  • Commercial Vehicle Accidents
  • Crush Injuries
  • Defective Pharmaceutical Drugs
  • Defective Medical Devices
  • Dog Bites | Dog Mauling
  • Drunk Driving Accidents
  • FELA Railroad Worker Injuries
  • Hip Replacement Recalls
  • IVC Filter Cases
  • Jones Act Maritime Injuries
  • Medical Malpractice Cases
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Multi-District Litigation (MDL)
  • Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Police Brutality
  • Police Misconduct
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Slip and Fall
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Train Accidents
  • Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Semi Truck Accident | 18 Wheeler Accident
  • Work Injuries
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Wrongful Death Lawsuits

This list is not all-inclusive; you can see a more complete list of the cases we can fund by clicking here.

While there is no such thing as an “average personal injury settlement”, a vast number of personal injury accident claims are settled before a lawsuit is even filed. Even then, many lawsuits are resolved via settlement prior to actually going to trial.

The U.S. has an astounding number of personal injury lawsuits every year. In 2014 alone, there were almost 300,000 lawsuits filed. That’s an average of 1 lawsuit per every 1,150 people in the country. Very often, plaintiffs make legitimate claims in these lawsuits. Faulty equipment, lack of adherence to safety regulations, and other factors can cause people to get seriously injured and entitled to compensation for their medical care and suffering. Source

Adding Insult To Injury

As if getting seriously injured in an accident wasn’t bad enough, many people continue to be victimized and end up in even more dire circumstances because their injuries make them unable to return to work.

Some people have emergency savings, short-term disability insurance, family, etc., to fall back on for help and some don’t. Either way, if the regular monthly income that you rely on to support yourself and your family is suddenly no longer there, you’ve got a big problem. And you need to come up with a solution, fast. Your bills will continue piling up and you will quickly discover that your creditors have zero empathy for your situation. They want their money, period.

As you fall further behind, your credit score go into a nose-dive because your credit cards are maxed out and creditors have started reporting your late or missing payments to the credit bureaus. Just when you need it most, your borrowing power plummets and your options for getting help are quickly disappearing.

Maybe you called your attorney for help and he/she confidently assured you that you have a great case and they have every confidence that it will settle soon. Unfortunately in lawyer-speak, “soon” is a non-specific word that can mean anywhere from 3 days to 3 years from now. While you’re happy to hear that your case is strong, it does nothing to help you pay for rent, car payment, insurance or utilities which are all due now.

Sound familiar?

I Have A Personal Injury Case And I Need Cash NOW

So what can you do if you find yourself in this kind of situation?

Where will you turn when your financial options are dwindling, your credit is shot, you can’t borrow another dime and your case is still months or even years from being settled?

The answer is to contact a lawsuit funding company like Lawsuit Loan HQ and apply for a personal injury lawsuit loan. Once approved, non-recourse personal injury loans can provide you with a portion of your settlement money now, as opposed to waiting all the way until your case settles.

There are lots of good reasons why cash-strapped plaintiffs choose personal injury lawsuit settlement loans to help them regain control of their finances. If you have been hurt and need money now, here are several reasons why personal injury loans are a fast, easy and smart way to help you regain your financial stability.

5 Facts To Consider When Applying For Personal Injury Settlement Loans

1. Qualifying for personal injury lawsuit funding is simple and easy

If you were seriously injured through no fault of your own because of someone else’s negligence or carelessness and have already retained an attorney, you are automatically eligible to apply for accident injury pre settlement funding.

The specifics of your case – liability of defendant, severity of your injuries, available insurance coverage, etc. – are the biggest variables that count towards getting approved. Bottom line: funding approval is based on the facts of your case. Unlike a bank loan, factors such as bad credit or being off work are not a consideration.

2. Applying only takes a moment zero paperwork

Our personal injury settlement funding process has been streamlined to be fast, easy and hassle-free. The biggest problem that most plaintiffs experience is bad credit, but with Lawsuit Loan HQ, bad credit does not matter. You can have a very low credit score and still easily qualify to receive cash before your personal injury case settles.

There is no credit check, no income or employment verification, no up-front or out-of-pocket costs and no lengthy application or paperwork to complete. Our application only takes a minute or two to fill out and then we take it from there. Everything is handled between your attorney’s office and the lawsuit funding company. For more information on how the process works, click here.

3. Personal injury accident loans are 100% risk-free

It is completely free to apply, you are under no obligation to accept and personal injury settlement loans require no up-front fees and no payments until your case settles. And when you use a professional lawsuit funding company like Lawsuit Loan HQ, our risk-free guarantee only requires that you repay the advance if you win your case. If you lose or your case doesn’t settle, you keep the money that was advanced and owe nothing. Now THAT is 100% risk-free!

4. Use the money however YOU choose

Getting hurt in an accident is disruptive. It interferes with your work, your personal life and your overall financial stability. Legal funding can help you get back on your feet and get caught up on your bills. Whatever you need help with – rent or mortgage, car payments or insurance, vehicle repairs or medical expenses, utilities, groceries, college tuition or any of a thousand other things –  a personal injury loan can give you the money you need to pay for them. Because you know your particular financial needs better than anyone, you are free to spend the money however you choose because there are no restrictions.

5. Lawsuit funding can help maximize your case value

Many plaintiffs and especially plaintiff’s attorneys miss this very important point; personal injury lawsuit settlement loans can help your attorney negotiate a larger settlement.

Personal injury loans can help you to receive the maximum and most appropriate value possible for your case. Legal funding empowers you by giving you staying power and the ability to reject low-ball offers from the defendant’s insurance company.

Insurance companies, when faced with a payout, immediately go into damage control mode and try to mitigate their losses. To accomplish this, they only have 2 things at their disposal to use as leverage against you to force an early settlement; time and money.

Right after an accident occurs – often before an accident victim has even retained an attorney – insurance companies frequently make friendly and heartfelt, but inappropriately low, pennies-on-the-dollar settlement offers in the hopes that uninsured and financially desperate people will accept it. Many do and then live to regret it. This is just one way that insurance companies seek to take advantage of struggling plaintiffs.

In addition, especially on cases with very serious, complex or extensive injuries, you have got to give your attorney time to work. The full value of a case is frequently not thoroughly understood until the injured party reaches maximum medical improvement and this can take many months or even years. Until the full extent of available insurance coverage has been determined and all of your injuries, disabilities, prognosis, future medical requirements and any implications for your future earning capacity has been established, it is  often premature to discuss settlement numbers.

With lawsuit funding, you can effectively remove the leverage of time and money and use it against the insurance companies. When you are not financially desperate to settle, you can relax and your attorneys can take all the time they need to develop the full value of your case. And because your lawyer is paid a percentage of your recovery, a larger settlement for you naturally means a bigger payday for your attorney too, so legal funding is absolutely a win/win for both of you.

Personal injury loans can help you stay afloat financially for the duration of your lawsuit without having to sacrifice the value of your case simply because you need money to pay your bills now.

Considerations Before You Apply For Lawsuit Funding

If you have decided that personal injury lawsuit funding might help you, there are a couple of things you should think about before contacting Lawsuit Loan HQ to get the process started.

1.) Let your attorney know what you’re doing

You need to let your attorney know that your financial situation is dire and that you intend to contact Lawsuit Loan HQ for help. Make sure your attorney is willing to cooperate with the process. Some attorneys and law firms will not cooperate with funding companies for a variety of reasons. In addition to the common courtesy of giving your attorney a heads-up, knowing if your lawyer will or will not cooperate with LLHQ will save everyone time and frustration. It is fine if your attorney advises against lawsuit funding as long as they are still willing to cooperate with the process.

If your attorney tells you they will not cooperate however, no legal funding company will be able to approve you for funding – regardless of how strong your case may be. This is because all funding companies rely on the attorney to pay them back after the case settles, and if they refuse to cooperate, that won’t happen so you will be unable to get funded anywhere.

2.) Think about the amount of funding you actually need

Give some thought to when and how much money you need to resolve your financial issue(s).

While your case might qualify for a very large lump-sum advance, you should only take as much as you will reasonably need to resolve your immediate and near-term financial needs. This will help you avoid accruing excessive interest on money you intend to use to pay your bills with months down the road.

LLHQ has multiple funding options available. Depending on the type and severity of your personal injury case, LLHQ can provide one or more individual lump sum advances OR we can provide a lump-sum cash advance to get you caught up now and at the same time, arrange an ongoing, automatic monthly disbursement to cover your financial needs each month for a preset period or until your case settles. This monthly option is only available on cases with significant injuries, significant insurance coverage and a large anticipated settlement award. If this is an option you might consider, please call us at (877) 932-2628 to discuss.

While we do not recommend lawsuit funding for any frivolous purposes, LLHQ does encourage plaintiffs to request the maximum amount they feel they will reasonably need for about the next 90 days or so. This is because it is often easier to get approved for 1 larger advance rather than 5 or 6 smaller advances. In addition, many personal injury lawsuit funding companies are reluctant to provide funding more often than that in order to avoid a predatory appearance.

Apply For Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Cash Advance

Getting approved for a personal injury lawsuit cash advance is fast, easy and hassle-free. Our application is paperless and only takes a moment to complete and there are no upfront fees, no credit check and no employment requirements or income verification.

If you’re ready to get started, apply now or call (877) 932-2628 to speak with a live representative.